Sunday, November 9, 2008

A story of a dust particle

A dust particle used to stay on ground with no expectations and aspirations. It never looked at moon. One day a brisk wind blew the particle in atmosphere. It moved from one place to another, where ever the wind carried it. It allowed the wind to do whatever it wanted to do. For the first time it saw moon. The particle thought that it is very beautiful and this wind will take it there.

The wind used to come daily and flew the particle. The dust particle now used to stay on the upper layer away from other dust particles and used to wait for the wind. It used to think one day it will reach moon. One day the wind came, the particle flew with wind and wind threw it in a river. The particle now moved with the flow of water. It drowned down the river when the current was not swift losing all hope of ever looking at the moon. The particle met its oblivion wishing the wind never had come. But then it remembers the moments when he saw the moon & flew in air along the wind. Particle lives on wishing one day it will again reach the land, wind will come back and it will fly with the same wind.

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