Friday, December 2, 2011

Amazing song of Don 2... boom..

Na koi raat hai
Na koi din yahan
Kya yeh andhera hai
Ki sirf hai dhuaan

Aankhein dhoka khati hain
Yeh kisko pata nahi
Jaane kya hai yahaan
Aur jaane yahaan kya nahi

Hai ye maya…

Heere joh lagte hai woh
Mumkin hai angaarein ho
Chingari lagte hai jo
Ho sakta hai taare ho

Aankhein dhoka khati hain
Yeh kisko pata nahi
Jaane kya hai yahaan
Aur jaane yahaan kya nahi

Hai ye maya…

Chehre hai sab ek se
Tu kaise pehchaanega
Dushman hai ya dost hai
Tu kaise ye jaanega

Aankhein dhoka khati hain
Yeh kisko pata nahi
Jaane kya hai yahaan
Aur jaane yahaan kya nahi

Hai ye maya…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I See You

I see you when i close my eyes

I want to see you when i open my eyes

I see your smile when i look at a flower blossoming

I see your immaculate face when i look at moon

I feel your scent in the morning breeze

I think of you and this world ceases to exist for me

A single thought of you makes me smile and cry

I see your tears of joy and sorrow in the rain drops

I see you, I love you.........

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Fascinating, Mesmerizing – Perhaps these words will not be able to describe aptly how was my last night. It was like a dream only, watching ‘Inception’ at PVR Spice, Noida, where all the sound effects, vibrations I felt during the course of movie shook my inner side and forced me to think what dreams combined with a small idea are capable of doing.

An idea of love, hatred or something creative, it can all pop up in course of dream and change one’s real life behaviour is the concept (idea) which popped in the ingenious mind of Mr Christopher Nolan and he created this masterpiece ‘Inception’, of which I bet I am going to buy a blue ray disc.

This movie can give rise to a lot of questions in one’s mind related to dreams, perhaps few people might be able to relate to how their life changed after the dreams they saw. The power of subconscious mind is displayed to the fullest in the movie which again raises a question mark on why we are not able to use not even 1 % of our brain power.

While watching movie, suddenly scenes from The Matrix flashed in front of my eyes, where protagonist ‘NEO’ was able to go into the virtual world just by plugging into the system. But here the difference was that in The Matrix the virtual world was programmed, however in ‘Inception’ the virtual world is a person’s dream, his subconscious mind. ‘Inception’ went a step ahead from ‘The Matrix’ in creating different levels. A dream inside a dream and then again a dream inside it.

Both raise the same question in a very different way – Is this World Real??

The whole movie was an experience I never had earlier in my life. It was as if I am glued to seat, and even after the movie finished I was still in awe when the movement of other people brought me back to the reality; that it’s time to go home.

I came to the basement and picked my petrol fuelled mechanical powered form of transport, the first thing which struck me when I came outside Spice PVR was the cold wind and a smiling moon in the sky. I drove mindlessly like a drunkard on the empty road thinking where to go now, when the idea of this blog came to my mind and I started to visualize it (side effect of the movie)

I bow to the creative genius of Mr Christopher Nolan for making such an overwhelming (Awesome is the word I wanted to use) movie after ‘Dark Knight’.

As I finish, the question came to my mind that can someone get everything in his dreams and stay blissful while all those things elude him/her in real life (which we perceive as real)?
Disclaimer - The above comments are totally my own opinion.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Its all about the package !!!

Package is a biggest cause of apprehension for anyone nowadays. Be it a customer, a student, a boy looking for a girl and vice versa for companionship (read Live In) or perhaps marriage, and a company hiring people. They look for the paramount package deal in every aspect of life.
They want to draw out maximum by investing minimum; yeah they do the cost benefit analysis and ROI (tools used to make a business case) and then buy, invest or acquire the product or service {depends on situation:) }.

A customer invests his time and money in the market searching for the great package deal (product). One on One free offer is the best offer one can get but unfortunately not every company has deep pockets to provide this luxury to customers. But who the f**k cares for customers, every company aims to make profits, by hook or crook, by fooling their customers to believe this the best product or package they can ever get to suffice their needs(Desires). A customer lives in a fool’s paradise that he is the King; truth is he is just a part of system, acting like a slave and generating profits and revenues for the companies.
Another kind of package is what a student (learners-a wrong dictionary meaning) look at or craves for.
A student (a grad or a post grad) invests his effort, money and time again for a great package. He wants to get the maximum to satisfy the desire of living a lifestyle which is a delusion created by companies to sell their own products or what they call package deals. For them a package is a must to live a lifestyle which is pleasurable and amusing (Desires- Sex, alcohol and drugs).”Quote: There is no point in living if you cannot feel alive” – this is used as a justification for living such a lifestyle and that in turn rationalises the desire for enormous package.
As in life one things leads to another (you know what I mean ;)) so is the case here. One package leads to another package. As one satisfies the need for one kind of package for some time the search for next starts or in some cases is done simultaneously.

This package is more of high risk investment without a little chance diversification. I hope you might have guessed it by now, if not I am making it explicit. The package here I am referring to is either a girl or a boy.

A girl or a boy looks for a complete package in the opposite sex. They just want everything in that person. Tall, dark (fair) and handsome or hot, good looking is an undefined vital prerequisite to be even looked at or pass the screening test of eyes. Customization is the order of modern times. Every package deal is subjected to this. So, is the case with this package. Finding a suitable package in itself is a project management exercise in itself with continuously changing environment variables Budget (how much you can spend), time (time you can invest waiting for the D-Day).
People want to change others to suit their needs (desires) and make them a perfect package for themselves. They exercise this option of tweaking as if customizing and ordering a product online.

A company hiring employees also look for a complete package. They want the person to have a gamut of skills and adaptability to use him as and when required for various jobs. These hiring decisions helps them in hiring some suckers who do not have to work to get paid, but just have to come to the premises, give rest to their a** and go back.

Parking your a** can get you a package, slogging your a** can get you a package.

What kind of an ass you want to be, it’s your choice and as the quote says.. we are here to understand the choice.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MBA - What it does to you ?

MBA - Some people call it Master of Business Administration and some call it Master of Bad Activities... A student who enters the campus to become an MBA grad, wants to learn a few things (not everything which you study is applicable in life) and land in a job which can get him an excellent package.. Ultimate result of this whole torture of two years is "Package" which everyone will get but of different value.. Each one will look at each other's package and will yearn for more..

During these two years, a student’s persona changes completely. The day they enter campus, they start thinking small of other people.. People are made to work in teams which lead to big problems.. ego issues, "I am always right" attitude, "I have done all the work" statements cause big furore among team members.. Even a small argument raises tempers.. people always sharpen their axes to slice other throats ( sarcastic comments) which some poor souls can't even survive..

Committees are formed to create an illusion that someone is working for students and will take care of their interests.. but... ?

The word friend takes a very different meaning.. people come to you if they have some work from you.. The thought of long lasting friendship which one used to have in days of graduation change totally. Friendship remains on the basis of assignments and projects..

Students make assignments as a cloth mill churns out cloth.. they go brain dead.. (Zombies)

People who hate others are made to work in a team with them.. and bond like gel sticks to hair..

Some free riders get in the team as well who take credit of all the good work done by one person.. and in some teams people divide work according to whatever skills they have and survive this war of grade points..

In this grade point war people die.. (I mean not literally), or they are crucified..

The toppers of the class who satisfy their big inflated ego are the one responsible for the crucification of miserable ones..

People become sadist to their inner core. They derive fun out of misery of others. Any pain which they cause to others adds another feather to their hat of wounds inflicted upon others.

The placement seasons begins, and another battle starts in this MBA war.. people slit throats of others.. Everyone wants to get over the head of other.. at this point of time they forget the laws of demand and supply studied in Economics, Organizational behaviour etiquettes, and even the way to talk which they start learning from Kindergarten school...

Finally, everything finishes.. MBA curriculum ends. students realise that two years just flew.. They introspect what they have lost in life.. an opportunity to make many friends, an opportunity to do some things [cricket, soccer and bad activities [you know what i mean :) ]] which they may never be able to do later in their life.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Few lines i like to sing out loud

ek naar naveli badi albeli kare atkhli , uski badi hai dhoom hai aisi , manbhavan sab dekhe usko, palat palat aur ghoom ghoom, 

Who nagar nagar jaaye dagar dagar aur ang ang main jyoti chamke jagar jagar sundar bala palkon mail liye ek swapn lok, adhron main

Youvan hala pause.ithalti hai balkhati hai tan ka chandan woh jhalak jhalak chalkati hai. woh nain dwar se tan main aake man main jwala jalati hai

Woh chandramukhi hai,pause woh mrignayani hai pause Woh chandramukhi hai, woh mrignayani hai  who roopwati hai who madhumati hai.. 

A story of a dust particle

A dust particle used to stay on ground with no expectations and aspirations. It never looked at moon. One day a brisk wind blew the particle in atmosphere. It moved from one place to another, where ever the wind carried it. It allowed the wind to do whatever it wanted to do. For the first time it saw moon. The particle thought that it is very beautiful and this wind will take it there.

The wind used to come daily and flew the particle. The dust particle now used to stay on the upper layer away from other dust particles and used to wait for the wind. It used to think one day it will reach moon. One day the wind came, the particle flew with wind and wind threw it in a river. The particle now moved with the flow of water. It drowned down the river when the current was not swift losing all hope of ever looking at the moon. The particle met its oblivion wishing the wind never had come. But then it remembers the moments when he saw the moon & flew in air along the wind. Particle lives on wishing one day it will again reach the land, wind will come back and it will fly with the same wind.