Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MBA - What it does to you ?

MBA - Some people call it Master of Business Administration and some call it Master of Bad Activities... A student who enters the campus to become an MBA grad, wants to learn a few things (not everything which you study is applicable in life) and land in a job which can get him an excellent package.. Ultimate result of this whole torture of two years is "Package" which everyone will get but of different value.. Each one will look at each other's package and will yearn for more..

During these two years, a student’s persona changes completely. The day they enter campus, they start thinking small of other people.. People are made to work in teams which lead to big problems.. ego issues, "I am always right" attitude, "I have done all the work" statements cause big furore among team members.. Even a small argument raises tempers.. people always sharpen their axes to slice other throats ( sarcastic comments) which some poor souls can't even survive..

Committees are formed to create an illusion that someone is working for students and will take care of their interests.. but... ?

The word friend takes a very different meaning.. people come to you if they have some work from you.. The thought of long lasting friendship which one used to have in days of graduation change totally. Friendship remains on the basis of assignments and projects..

Students make assignments as a cloth mill churns out cloth.. they go brain dead.. (Zombies)

People who hate others are made to work in a team with them.. and bond like gel sticks to hair..

Some free riders get in the team as well who take credit of all the good work done by one person.. and in some teams people divide work according to whatever skills they have and survive this war of grade points..

In this grade point war people die.. (I mean not literally), or they are crucified..

The toppers of the class who satisfy their big inflated ego are the one responsible for the crucification of miserable ones..

People become sadist to their inner core. They derive fun out of misery of others. Any pain which they cause to others adds another feather to their hat of wounds inflicted upon others.

The placement seasons begins, and another battle starts in this MBA war.. people slit throats of others.. Everyone wants to get over the head of other.. at this point of time they forget the laws of demand and supply studied in Economics, Organizational behaviour etiquettes, and even the way to talk which they start learning from Kindergarten school...

Finally, everything finishes.. MBA curriculum ends. students realise that two years just flew.. They introspect what they have lost in life.. an opportunity to make many friends, an opportunity to do some things [cricket, soccer and bad activities [you know what i mean :) ]] which they may never be able to do later in their life.


Rohit Bansal said...

I have heard of one more word for MBA which is master of befooling arts. In general MBA teaches reality. It depends on one's perception to see the learning and fun.

Amit said...

gud one kake..................:)