Thursday, August 5, 2010


Fascinating, Mesmerizing – Perhaps these words will not be able to describe aptly how was my last night. It was like a dream only, watching ‘Inception’ at PVR Spice, Noida, where all the sound effects, vibrations I felt during the course of movie shook my inner side and forced me to think what dreams combined with a small idea are capable of doing.

An idea of love, hatred or something creative, it can all pop up in course of dream and change one’s real life behaviour is the concept (idea) which popped in the ingenious mind of Mr Christopher Nolan and he created this masterpiece ‘Inception’, of which I bet I am going to buy a blue ray disc.

This movie can give rise to a lot of questions in one’s mind related to dreams, perhaps few people might be able to relate to how their life changed after the dreams they saw. The power of subconscious mind is displayed to the fullest in the movie which again raises a question mark on why we are not able to use not even 1 % of our brain power.

While watching movie, suddenly scenes from The Matrix flashed in front of my eyes, where protagonist ‘NEO’ was able to go into the virtual world just by plugging into the system. But here the difference was that in The Matrix the virtual world was programmed, however in ‘Inception’ the virtual world is a person’s dream, his subconscious mind. ‘Inception’ went a step ahead from ‘The Matrix’ in creating different levels. A dream inside a dream and then again a dream inside it.

Both raise the same question in a very different way – Is this World Real??

The whole movie was an experience I never had earlier in my life. It was as if I am glued to seat, and even after the movie finished I was still in awe when the movement of other people brought me back to the reality; that it’s time to go home.

I came to the basement and picked my petrol fuelled mechanical powered form of transport, the first thing which struck me when I came outside Spice PVR was the cold wind and a smiling moon in the sky. I drove mindlessly like a drunkard on the empty road thinking where to go now, when the idea of this blog came to my mind and I started to visualize it (side effect of the movie)

I bow to the creative genius of Mr Christopher Nolan for making such an overwhelming (Awesome is the word I wanted to use) movie after ‘Dark Knight’.

As I finish, the question came to my mind that can someone get everything in his dreams and stay blissful while all those things elude him/her in real life (which we perceive as real)?
Disclaimer - The above comments are totally my own opinion.


Manpreet said...
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Manpreet said...

it's all about creativety ... ... it's about how some people think differently then others or maybe they make others beleave that they think differently it's about thinking of somthing that makes other person think -- and giving form to somthing that comes in mind || So this makes think who planted the idea of making this concept in the writers mind

Manojit said...

I haven't seen Inception yet, but after reading your blog I can't wait to see this movie!!!!